If this is a superstar, then he is a South Indian hero

New Delhi: Between the 2018 Diwali season, there was a strange spectacle in the film scene of Tamil Nadu. In the most consequential blockbuster window of the year, Actor Vijay’s political action film Government went into trouble with the ruling party of the state, All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (AIADMK), the depiction of late politician Jayalalitha and her welfare schemes. After this, whatever reminiscent of a movie in India is reminiscent of it. The poster of the government was tricked, violent protests in theaters, and film producers, Sun Pictures, were forced to remove some controversial scenes, which featured a free fire given by a political party. .

But the similarity with the rest of India ends there. After this it was unique to the state and the superstars culture of South India. Being excited by the “insult” of his beloved star, Thalapathi is known, the actual free items provided by the AIADMK government were broken and answered, including mixers, grinders, television sets and laptops. App like Twitter and Tolkoll became viral, where the theme was playing music in the background. For the last time, any Bollywood superstar got such support against Real-World Mobs, especially supported by a powerful ruling party?

In less than a week, the government has crossed the Worldwide Collection of 150 crore mark. But revenue mop is only one metric For example, Southern Superstars, Twitter is much preferred over Bollywood stars. In spite of a new live parallel cinema in many southern film industries, the inexplicable attraction of superstar and obsessive protagonist still remains. The continuous appeal of Southern business offerings, which are riding on male stardom, is attractive, considering that with a very wide reach of Bollywood, large industry has found that the formula has recently flourished.

For example, in 2018, Shahrukh Khan’s Zero (4 88.74 crore), Salman Khan’s Race 3 (3 166.15 million), and Aamir Khan’s Thugs of Hindostan (₹ 138.74 crore) is performing well at the box office. Aamir Khan may have a very strong track record but Shahrukh Khan has not seen a single hit since the Chennai Express in 2013 (178.41 million), while fans of Salman Khan also do not know that the tube lights (₹ 114.57 crore) What is it? And Race 3 After this Hrithik Roshan, who has not seen the release since January 2017 (KABIL) and a successful blockbuster (Krish 3) since November 2013. Others like Akshay Kumar and Ajay Devgan are frequent but rarely break a revolutionary box office record.

On the contrary, despite the apparent loss of a restricted market, the record of the major South Indian heroes is much better. Vijay has seen only two out of 11 of his films since 2010. Other people such as Ajit have also delivered more or less continuously, in which hit films like Worlds and Vedamalam earn more than Rs 100 crores. Superstar Rajinikanth has not been mentioned in 2.0, the biggest hit in the history of Tamil cinema last year (last over 600 crores) and his latest action film Petta (250 crores last report) has also been impressive.

There is no sign of flutter Kannada films also have bigger share of life figures, while Malayalam films are taking a different route to a story-driven, non-hero focused vibe.

In the latest season of Karan Johar’s popular reality show Koffee with Karan, India’s most successful film franchisee, Bahubali director S.S. Raja Mauli was asked what exactly did the North Indian Superstar separate from his South counterparts and his reaction was surprisingly exposed.

“South Indian stars are better at balancing the aspirations of their fans and what they themselves want to do. I think the North Indian superstar is a little confused about what they want to do and what they want to do, “the film maker said, without blinking, whether there is confusion or market, Hindi film industry The arrival of young, versatile new era actors (Ranvir Singh, Varun Dhawan, Ayushman Khurana) in the tenth reign of top Bollywood male stars.

The first and most important factor currently working for the Tamil male film superstars is a definite image, which is often deliberately set by them to match the widespread bustle of the audience in the hearts and minds of the audience. . Even Tamil cinema has been moving forward in a neo-realistic phase for the last 10-15 years, the objectives of its heroes have always been clear.

Uma Wanglal, filmmaker and professor of LV Prasad Film and TV, said, “There are some films that will definitely get acceptable and if they (the actor) will tear the image down and throw them on the audience, then some of them will be successful Goes. ” Academy

For example, while Kamal Haasan was known for his unforeseen experiments in the 1980s and early 90s, Rajinikanth made a definite Swagger and symbol of Brwado. Today, victory is always a crusade. In Blockbuster Government, he was an NRI who was raising awareness about electoral fraud. In Mersal (2017), he was fighting with medical negligence and greed. In Kathy (2014), Vijay was busy fighting corporate manipulation to capture farmland. On the other hand, his contemporary Vijay Situapi is always a non-conformist, intelligent intelligent hero, who will drag a fast (Sudhov Kavam, for example, which is a dark comedy about a kidnapper) wrongly. Almost every actor plays a well-made image.

On the contrary, Bollywood stars such as Shahrukh Khan are struggling to get their position as the world’s biggest lover in the films made by Aditya Chopra and Karan Johar. On the other hand, one Salman Khan is a strange, often flat, big-to-life figure, when a slice-of-life narrative center is taking stage. Only Aamir Khan comes close to developing the image nets.

“It always happens that the viewer’s base will look at the film even if it does not matter, because they are called Rajinikanth, or Vijay or Ganga on the screen, although small heroes, they always have an image they make This has been a conscious movement since Tamil Nadu in the 1950s. Filmmakers, actors and politicians carefully prepared a public image and liked to always keep it alive, “Vaana Le said.

“In Andhra Pradesh, it works differently in this sense that the director narrates stories which appeal to the audience very emotional and every hero wants to become the champion, for which the audience will have roots.”

Meeting Expectations

Obviously, there is not a single universal pool of expectations which can be attracted by a star. This is a combination of what their fans want and what the big movie market wants from any movie.

Actor Mohan V. Raman citing the example of Rajnaikant’s PETA and Ajit’s worldview, said, “The fans who die for the first few days will support the film but the general public will take it in the second week.” Since its previous projects, a film for the average Rajni fan was overdue for a long time because Black and Kabadi had focused more on social message if they were not in sync with their main base, and to reach the non-fan base There was not even a strong story. On the other hand, Vishavasam did more work for the common audience but did not disappoint Ajit fans too.

“You need to meet both expectations. You need to satisfy your fan base to pull the crowd for the first four days, and after that, the story should have enough meat in terms of family values, good songs, dance scenes, some comedy – all of which are average Filmmakers want when they come to watch the movie, “said Raman.

To ensure this, the average Tamil and Telugu film fans are very clear on what they want from a movie. It is inspired by the fact that more than half of India’s screen screens are in the south, approximately 75% of the exhibition area is taken by single screen and ticket prices are capped at 150 in states like Tamilnadu, and more Are the reach

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