Pakistan split behind India’s war against terrorism in Saudi Arabia

New Delhi: Saudi Arabia on Wednesday joined the list of countries condemning the Pulwama terror attack by Pakistan-promoted Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM), and further separated Islamabad in this process.

According to TS Tirumurthy, Secretary (Economic Relations) in the Indian Foreign Ministry, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman (MBS) condemned the recent terrorist attack on Indian forces in Jammu and Kashmir’s Pulwama, in stern words. “” It is significant that the two leaders urged all countries to “abandon the use of terrorism as a means of state policy”.

The guess is clear, given that Pakistan has employed it as a strategy to remain strategically relevant in South Asia.

Saudi condemnation of the Pulwama attack is important, considering the influential role of the Kingdom in the Muslim world, the Saudi emperor has closely identified the country with the patron of the two most sacred mosques related to Sunni Islam and Wahababad. The joint condemnation of Saudi-India is also important for the fact that Saudi Arabia is a major beneficiary of Pakistan, which is responsible for providing shelter to terrorist groups for New Delhi such as Lashkar-e-Taiba and JIM.

The joint condemnation of the statement issued by Saudi Arabia on February 15, the next day of the Pulwama attack, goes forward, which underscores the state’s rejection of these acts of terrorism and its stand with the friendly Republic of India for terrorism and extremism, Who offers condolences “families of victims, government of India and wounded people and wounded wished to be quick to recover”.

To ensure this, Pakistan’s name was not included in the joint declaration of India-Saudi Arabia at the end of India’s MBS visit. But a senior government official said that there was a specific mention of the Pulwama attack, in which a suicide bomber hurled an explosive-laden vehicle into a security convoy, causing at least 40 security personnel to die.

This is seen as a big boost for India, which was troubled by the joint statement of Saudi-Pakistan issued on February 18, which appreciated Islamabad’s efforts to fight terrorism and Pakistan’s peace moves with India Padded back, in which the inauguration of Kartarpur was also included. Corridor

Another big tech was in the economic area, in which MBS promised to invest $ 100 billion in areas like agriculture, infrastructure and energy. Indian Foreign Ministry spokesman Ravi Kumar said in a Twitter post, “It is a big vote of confidence in the Indian economy”, which states that areas of investment will include energy, refinement, petrochemical, infrastructure, agriculture and manufacturing.

India’s relations with Saudi Arabia will be seen as being independent of Saudi-Pakistan relations, when Saudi Crown Prince accuses an Indian request of not coming directly to India after the visit of Islamabad.

Saudi royal who arrived in Islamabad on Sunday returned home late on Monday night and then returned to India on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, the talks were described as warmth and friendship – seen in hands and smiles changed by Modi and Mohammad bin Salman. This is the second meeting between the two in the last three months, on the edge of the G20 in Argentina in the last one December.

“He (Saudi Arabia and India) rejected the use of terrorism against other states, to eliminate the terrorist structure, to support any kind of support and financing of terrorists from all the regions against other states and to criminals of terrorism Called all states to get it. “Thirumurthy said.

Thirumarthy said that MBS appreciated India’s efforts to normalize relations with Pakistan over the past four years.

In order to promote bilateral cooperation in the fight against terrorism, the two countries agreed to launch a joint working group on comprehensive security dialogue and terrorism.

While broadening its strategic partnership, Modi and the MBS agreed to increase the defense cooperation and join hands to become a pure security provider in the Indian Ocean region, Thirumurthy said.

Pledge to invest $ 100 billion, Thirumurthy said, “The vividness of the Indian economy” was a “clear reflection” of Saudi Arabia’s faith.

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