Urvashi Dholakia spent time with the parents of Anuj Sachdeva, reports of their Cold War

18 years ago, Ekta Kapoor’s criterion of life gave us the comolika ak.a. Urvashi gave the most prestigious Vamp as the drummer. Rotating his hair, with rolling eyes, killer bindi, his signature tune of ‘Nikka’ played in the background, a vicious smile, because he considered his next evil action, the criterion would not be so special for life if it was for him Vamp, Comolica.

Urvashi Dholakia was married at the age of 16, and at the age of 17 she was the mother of twins, horizons and sea. After one and a half year of marriage, Urvashi separated from her husband and since then she is raising her twins as a mother. Despite being in a tender age, Urvashi had no qualifications in producing twins alone and with her family’s support, she has been performing very well in her acting career and motherhood since then.

On 17 June 2019, Urvashi Dholakia had confirmed attending dance reality shows, Nach Baliye 9 and sharing a teaser with him, he wrote, “Wonder !!!! “In the promo, she can be seen shaking her feet with a masked dance partner, and she warns him to keep the distance because he is a former. The masked dancer will be identified later by Salman Khan. But according to media reports, Urvashi will be in Tango with his Anuj Sachdeva, who currently works on television show A Bhim Sarvuna Sampana.

In addition to the promo, Urvashi Dholakia and Anuj Sachdeva also shot for the grand premiere episode of Dance Reality Show, Nach Baliye 9. But according to the reports, a few days ago, the former couple did not have good words with each. other. A close source of the production revealed, “On July 1, Urvashi and Anuj shot for their dance number for the premiere episode, but as soon as the camera cut, the two sat in different directions, to ensure that They did not cross the path, they were seen giving each other a cool shoulder, in which the eyewitnesses said that it is not right between the two. ”

Among the rumors of the Cold War on the set between Urvashi Dholakia and Anuj Sachdeva, a report by Spotboy now says that the former has broken the ice with his parents. Anuj’s family was present on the sets of Nach Baliye 9 because he had shot with Urvashi for the first dance performance, and he had a positive gesture towards him. Therefore, they spent some quality time together.

For unmarried, Pre-Prembodh, Urvashi Dholakia and Anuj Sachdev never came on the record and accepted their relationship. Urvashi and Anuj were together for a few months, but the latter parents did not accept her because she is older than her and mother of two children. Speaking about the same, Anuj told The Times of India, “I am a lot more single.
I never talked about it We both respect and care for each other. I talk to many girls, but this does not mean that I am making a date for them all. ”

Despite divorcing at an early age, Urvashi Dholakia did not remarry or had any serious relationship after her separation. Describing the same pattern in detail, Urvashi said in an interview with Hindustan Times, “People told me about relationships. I read the report and found them funny. I was once associated with an industrialist. I wanted to say, “Please meet me.” Apart from the jokes, I was busy working. Being a single mom and taking care of my family took me a lot of time. I had responsibilities and I had no time to think about my personal life. I have never concealed anything, so why would I hide a relationship? My boys and my family are my priority. ”

Urvashi Dholakia had said, “It is difficult to become a single mother.” She was so proud of her visit as a mother. People tell me that I do not look like a mother and how I am not old. this is fun. Why would i be old I am 37 years old. There is a lot of harp on this that when I was 17, then there were my sons. But what’s the big deal? I take these comments in a positive way. I’m proud of my journey, which has been running for a long time. “While revealing why he took a break from his work, Urvashi was quoted as saying,” I took a two-year break after Big Boss 6 because I wanted to stay with him. In your late teens. I wanted to give them time. I dismissed 15 shows in this period, but most of them were not good. I wanted them to be 21 years old and then returned to work. I am satisfied in the place I am now. “

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