Velocity v Supernova – More than just one match from Cricketing Accumen

Six months after the long-running contest room dispute between Mithali Raj and Harmanpreet Kaur, she will lead her side – Velocity and Supernova – in the women’s T20 Challenge final. ESPNcricinfo looks at why the match is more than just the battle of Cricketing Accumen.

First, cricket


Velocity is under the leadership of Mithali Raj, arguably the best cricketer of India and the captain of the ODI team; Supernova is headed by Harmanpreet Kaur, the most exciting batsman of his generation, captain of Raj and T20 team in the ODI team.

These parties met here at Sawai Mansingh Stadium in Jaipur two days ago. In that match, the state’s velocity lost momentum, intent and ultimately the match. But they still qualify for the final by trailblazers, whom they had already beaten, strained on NRR.

What’s the fight?

During the World T20 in West Indies in November, long suspicious statements between the two players became public. Raj was dropped for the semi-final, which India had lost, and after the match, Harmanpreet said that he wanted to win a match from the last match. Raj’s manager, then attacked an unprecedented Twitter attack on the captaincy of Harmanpreet. He called Harmanpreet “manipulation, lies, immature, undesirable captain” and also said that women believe in “not playing politics”.

What was the result?

The first casualty was the interim chief coach Ramesh Powar – his contract was terminated after the semi-final defeat and was not extended. Giving the support of Harmanpreet and his T20 deputy memory Mandhana, Pawar criticized Raj in his report on India’s performance in the World T20. He said that if he did not allow the opening of the bat, he threatened to get out of the tournament.

Is it finished there?

A lot of emails were sent to the administrators’ committee by Raj and Harmanpreet, who leaked to all the media. Raj said that the episode had left him, “For the first time in the long career of 20 years, I became impure, sad and frustrated. I have to be forced to think if my services in my country have some people in power There is no value for me. I am out to destroy and break my faith. “He did not directly convict Harmanpreet, saying,” I agree that Harman and I Senior players and our issues, if any, we should sit and solve both the table. ”

what happened next?

Within a week of Raj’s email, he sat down with the senior officials of the BCCI as well as on the table. It is believed that Raj had told Harmanpreet that Anisha Gupta whose tweets had hit the storm was not his manager. On his behalf, Harmanpreet told Raj that the decision to exclude him from the World T20 seminar was not a personal choice but a collective call.

Almost a month later, on the eve of New Zealand’s tour of the team, both Raj and Harmanpreet claimed that the admission of the royals became “Havan”, which “disrupted” the profile of the women’s woman team of the state.

So he was?

Or so we thought. Earlier this week, however, Raj told Cricbuzz, “I keep myself [in the dressing room] and people can not give me justice for that time … I believe what has happened, He definitely made me more sensible for the people around me. ” Dressing room … I would not say that I felt lonely, but I think I was cheated.

So what is settled in the royal side?

Since the start of the 2017 World Cup, Raj, now 36, has been largely inconsistent on whether he applies himself to play the 2020 T20 World Cup or 2021 ODI World Cup. Although there is a formidable force in the 50-over format, on whether to avoid retirement from the lowest format figures in his plans, to avoid going to the Raj when there were fielding questions in the late press conference, “You will see when Happens.”

In March, WV Raman, in a review after a match with the new women coach of the women’s team, stand-in captain Mandhana and Raj, said that “we [stand-in captain for the series against the women of England and England, England, Raj and Mandhana ] Had a chat about what he is doing [Raj] comfortable and also what suits. ”

Along with him, in the middle order was presented an analogy of clarity around his batting slot, and not as an opener. This topic became a complete controversy after being out of India’s 2018 World Twenty20.

Still in the same crickbus interview, when he was asked if the new team management informed him about his role in the team, the answer of the Raj was sufficient: “Honestly, not yet.”

Jaipur back

Raman, Mandhana and the management can not be brought to the conclusions as long as the National Camp in Bengaluru does not last till next month. For now, attention is focused on the action of action in Jaipur and the battle of domination between Raman-Harmanpreet’s supernova and the velocity of the state.

Can 15-year-old Indian batsman Shaply Verma get a chance to make a quick start, as he did in the first game of the tournament? Or will the supernova batter Jemima Rodricks Trump join the pedestrians of Chefley? In addition, in-form Daniel Wyatt alone could destroy the supernova attack, unless Yadav – Radha and Poonam – the orchestra still did not come with their spin in another mid-over.

With less than ten months from T20 World Cup in Australia, Uncapped Indians have performed well for international callers such as Women’s T20 Challenge Final and Veda Krishnamurthy and Sushma Verma for the potential call-up. , Opportunity to remember in the national side.

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