‘We have moved forward’ – Mithali Raj in line with Harmanpreet Kaur

Mithali Raj has said that the sharpness after being out of India’s semi-finals in the Women’s World Twenty20 is a matter of the past, even though they felt that this episode has “obstructed” the profile of the Indian women team.

India’s ODI captain Raj said before leaving for his first tour of New Zealand on Sunday, “I do not know how to help in the controversy of the game because the profile of the game depends on the performance of the players.” 13 years. “[Controversy] hindered women’s cricket. I believe that when many non-cricketing things are spoken, it is not very good, but we are getting a chance, where we can perform again And people can talk about team performance, and it will only increase the outline of the game.

“This is a new beginning, coming in the new year, this is a new series.” Yes, we have moved forward. “At present, the New Zealand series is focusing. As a captain, and as a team, we Understand the importance of this [ICC Women’s Championship] points system and achieving those points and how important it is to enter the 2021 World Cup, and we know where we are standing right now on the table. It is very important to test. ”

Raj also said that he and Harmanpreet Kaur had left behind bitterness after World T20 semi-final.

“I think we both have gone away,” Raj said. “I think there is a lot of emphasis on that dispute, it was last year, we all should wait for 2019.

“As a one-day captain, it is important for me to bring the team together and it is important that we perform as a unit. Individual talent can win some matches, but if you want to win the series, The main member is needed. ” To perform your team, and that performance is to meet the team’s goal. Of course I believe the team will get together again and this is what we are going to do.

“At this level, every player understands what he has to do to reach this level, and to achieve those points, what does it seem to be as a team to go on a foreign tour to win the series. , Even though we may have differences between us, when we come into the form of players, then we sit in the form of a team, it is always for the benefit of the team, and what works for the team, Its fay La everyone. ”

In spewing the mud after World T20, Raj wrote about the alleged high-profile methods of BCCI as Ramesh Powar’s coach. Pawar in turn alleged that Raj threatened to retire from T20I Midway through the tournament. Raj denied the charge saying: “I never thought about leaving, because whatever has happened is out of the field. I am sure that whenever I take that decision, it will probably be about my own game Will be due to your logic. ”

During World T20, Raj had said, “I believe that the team is still there, so it can probably be the last World Cup of the World T20 format for me”. But on Sunday, he said that he has not made any definite plans about his future.

“I will take a series at a time. I do not know where I will be in two to three months from now, so I can not really predict whether I will be part of the 2020 World Cup,” he said. “For me, at this juncture, the New Zealand tour is as important as it really is, [as] how it goes for me and the team, so I’m just waiting. This is something I have never planned; It has always been with flow. ”

From April 2017, three women’s coaches of India – Purnima Rao, Tushar Aroot and Powar were disputed in a disputed manner.the team had killed the right person for the job. Raman’s coaching credentials include the Ranet Trophy and the IPL besides the long stint in the National Cricket Academy along with the stent.

“I have not trained under their [Raman], but I have met him many times,” Raj said. “If you look at his credentials, his experience and expertise, he plays with different teams at different levels and trains him. When you have such kind of credibility, then there is no such expectation. Positive that the coach will make a big difference to the team. “

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